Wild Hearts wedding flowers

farm and garden tour:

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Our Wild Hearts service invites you to walk through our field and gardens and visually pick flowers by the basketful! This unique experience also offers a behind-the-scenes look at how and where your wedding flowers are grown.

One Wild Acre owner Peachey Trudell will guide you through the property, pointing out the blooms and foliage ready to gather for your wedding. Your tour should be about a week before the the event date; family and friends are welcome (5-6 people is ideal). Tours typically last about an hour.

You will order your flowers within a day or two of your visit from an emailed list with photos, pricing, and descriptions of each flower, so no need to worry about taking notes when you walk the fields. Simply relax and enjoy our farm!

ordering your flowers:

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Within 24 hours of your farm tour, we will email you the availability list with photos, descriptions, and pricing. With the flowers fresh in your mind, you will order from the list much like our florists do. We'll have our flowers listed by the bunch (10 stems = 1 bunch).

Please note that flower availability is subject to the seasons of the Lowcountry, where spring arrives early, heat rules the summer and autumn comes slowly. We plan and grow according to our climate and have a bounty of beautiful blooms at every stage, in a rainbow of hues and a variety of textures.

transporting your flowers:

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We will harvest your flowers right before your delivery or pick-up date, so they are as fresh and fragrant as can be!

You may pick up the flowers from the farm, or have them delivered. They will be in clean buckets of fresh water, which can easily go on a car seat or floor. You can either provide your own buckets to take the flowers with you, or keep ours for a fee of $5 per bucket.

We go to great lengths to ensure good vase life and performance of our flowers, and are in no way responsible for the proper care of the flowers once they are in your hands.

how to book with us:

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First, take time to consider and make sure DIY is right for you and your event! View our One Wild DIY page for helpful tips and information.

Then, coordinate your farm and garden tour and pick-up/delivery date with us. An inquiry form helps us keep all of your information in one place, but you can also email us at onewildacre@gmail.com. When your dates are set with us, please submit your contract and $200 deposit below. Your deposit will be applied to your final invoice.

When you submit your contract and deposit, we will email you a draft invoice. We will update the invoice once you place your order after the farm tour. Final and complete payment is due upon receiving your flowers at the scheduled pick-up or delivery date.



Flowers: Our flowers and foliage average $16/bunch (10 stems per bunch), or $1.60 per flower. Foliage like purple basil and lemon verbena will be on the lower end of the spectrum (about $1 per stem), while flowers like specialty cosmos and large sunflowers will be on the higher end (closer to $2 per stem). The only exceptions are dahlias or garden roses, which are $4/bloom. South Carolina sales tax applies (9%). 

Buckets: You can take our flower buckets for a fee of $5 per bucket, which are then yours to keep, OR provide your own clean buckets.  

Delivery: Delivery is $2/mile and does not exceed a 50-mile radius from downtown Charleston OR you may schedule a pick-up time from the farm at no additional charge.

Minimum: Wild Hearts flowers start at a minimum of $400; most couples spend between $400 and $1000 on their blooms.


Wild Hearts Contract

Please refer to our One Wild DIY page to make sure DIY is right for you! Then, inquire here to make sure your date is available. Once we have confirmed your date, submit the following contract and deposit.

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